• The first step in determining a child's eligibility for our services involves a full and individual evaluation to measure the extent of potential achievement, intelligence, adaptive behavior and vocational ability. The assessment process is available to all students and is initiated by your child's campus counselor. 

    Reaching to Find Children with Special Needs
    Do you know a child who is:
    • severely disabled
    • deaf and/or blind
    • learning disabled
    • intellectually disabled
    • speech impaired
    • suffering from traumatic brain injury
    • autistic
    • emotionally disturbed
    • orthopedic or other health impaired
    • 0-21 years old
    Every child in Texas deserves hope. They do not all learn the same way, but they do all learn.
    Treasure and respect every child. Help them find hope and assist them in learning.
    Any student who is home schooled and meets eligibility as a Disabled Student under federal guidelines is also entitled to special education and related services.