Campus Behavior Coordinator Notice to Parents

  • The CBC shall promptly notify a student’s parent or guardian if the student is placed into in-school or out-of-school suspension, placed in a DAEP, expelled, or placed in a JJAEP or is taken into custody by a law enforcement officer.

    A CBC must provide notice by promptly contacting the parent or guardian by telephone or in person; and making a good faith effort to provide written notice of the disciplinary action to the student, on the day the action is taken, for delivery to the student’s parent or guardian.

    If a parent or guardian entitled to notice has not been reached by telephone or in person by 5 p.m. of the first business day after the day the disciplinary action is taken, a CBC shall mail written notice of the action to the parent or guardian at the parent’s or guardian’s last known address.

    If a CBC is unable or not available to promptly provide notice, the principal or other designee shall provide the notice. Education Code 37.0012

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