Meet Results

  • @ Regionals

    Powerlifting had a good weekend with the girls traveling to Big Spring for the Regional Powerlifting meet.  I am proud of every lifter this year, from the beginning to where we are now so much improvement from everyone has happened, a lot have fought through adversity to achieve what they have.  I am proud of these young ladies.  The Prowlers Placed 3rd as a team and had four qualify for state and waiting for results on a possible 5th, with the following lifters having medalled in their respective weight classes:

    Jasmin Hernandez 1st State Qualifier

    Summer Hinojos 3rd

    Belle Urbano 1st Best Deadlifter and Best Lifter in the Light Platform State Qualifier

    Janean Gonzalez 5th

    Paulina Hernandez 3rd State Qualifier

    Elizabeth Bislar 5th

    Sarissa Valeriano 5th 

    Daeja Dominguez 2nd State Qualifier

    Mia Alvarado 4th

    Liset Montes 3rd



    Fort Stockton had a greet meet this past weekend  as we traveled to Greenwood and competed.  We had many young lifters and all of them did a great job.  Many meeting their past personal best or exceeding them.  Here are the top 5 placers in their respective weightclasses:
    Elina Montes 5th
    Savannah Alvarez 2nd
    Jaslyn Pacheco 4th
    Nayeli Gonzalez 5th
    Liset Montes 3rd
    Leeland Ibarra 1st
    Christian Dominguez 3rd

    @ Seminole

    Last night we had a great meet getting to travel to Seminole and compete.  I am proud of our lifters as they faced some adversity but still pushed through.  Almost everyone had new personal records on most of their lifts.  Again I am proud of all of our lifters and their efforts yesterday. 


    Fort Stockton Powerlifting had a good meet this weekend as we competed in Kermit.  Most if not all lifters hit new personal records on at least one of their lifts.  This is the following top 5 placements in their respective weight classes:

    Girls won 1st as a team

    Jasmin Hernandez 1st, Outstanding lifter in the light platform, best squatter and best deadlifter.

    Summer Hinojos 3rd

    Janean Gonzalez 1st

    Yaneily Mata 3rd

    Marlayna Salmon 5th

    Paulina Hernandez 1st

    Elizabeth Bislar 1st

    Sarissa Valeriano 3rd

    Daeja Dominguez 2nd

    Jaslyn Pacheco 4th

    Ishmael Pando 4th

    Leeland Ibarra 2nd

    BIG THANK YOU to the parents that provide snacks and support to the lifters, without y’all the lifters wouldn’t be doing as good as they are!

    @ Andrews
    The boys traveled to Andrews on Saturday and put up some good numbers despite only coming home with one medal. Christian Dominguez earned fifth place in his weight class. The boys look to improve their numbers on Thursday when they travel to Seminole.
    We had a good meet this Saturday as we went to Andrews to compete.  I couldn’t be more proud of this group of athletes as they fought to get the weight up.  They were challenged by some numbers that seemed big to them but they still went and got after it.  The kids who finished in the top in their weight classes were: Jasmin Hernandez who earned first and earned outstanding lifter in the light platform.  Paulina Hernandez, who earned second.  Elizabeth Bislar, who earned third.  Daeja Dominguez, who earned 2nd.  Liset Montes who earned 2nd.  The Girls earned second place as a team.  Thank you to the parents who provided snacks to these kids as they went off to go lift.   

    @ Fort Stockton 
    The Panthers and Prowlers did great this meet.  Despite being young, the boys put up some good numbers.  The girls had a good meet bringing home second as a team with the following girls placing in the top 3 in their respective weight classes.  Jasmin Hernandez earned 1st,  Belle Urbana earned 1st as well as the best lifter in the light platform again, Paulina earned 2nd and Daeja Dominguez earned 3rd.  As a final thank you, I want to thank the parents for everything they do for our kids!  

    @ Monahans
    Fort Stockton powerlifting had a good day today as we had our first powerlifting meet at the 30th annual Sandhills Powerlifting Meet.  The girls side did good by bringing home 2nd place as a team, despite a few missed lifts here and there.  The top lifter for the day was Jasmine Hernandez and Belle Urbano who both got 1st place in their weight classes, with Belle earning the outstanding lifter in the lighter platforms.   Our second-place finishers were Ishmael Pando, Paulina Hernandez, Elizabeth Bislar and, Daeja Dominguez.  For third-place finishers, we had Nathaniel Gonzalez.  We got to learn a lot about what we need to work on from this meet and are excited to put on a show next weekend as we host a meet at home.