Fort Stockton ISD School Board

School Board 2023-2024

Board Goals

  • Academics
    The Fort Stockton ISD will engage students in active learning by providing innovative and creative curriculum and instruction that is designed to prepare the students for college or entry into a career.   The classroom environment should be a safe, positive place where students are encouraged to achieve their goals and are supported by their teachers and parents.

    Fort Stockton ISD campuses will focus their efforts on meeting and exceeding their mastery and progress in all grades and in all subjects.

    Career and Technology
    The Fort Stockton ISD will prepare students to attend college upon their graduation.  Students who have participated in dual credit courses will earn college credit hours in addition to the credit hours required for their graduation from high school.  These students will be recognized for their achievements at the annual awards ceremony.

    Students who choose to enter the workplace will be trained in career and business courses that are required in furtherance of their chosen vocation. These students who, at the time of their graduation from high school, have achieved sufficient credit hours to qualify for certification in their chosen field will be recognized for their achievements at the annual awards ceremony.

    The Fort Stockton ISD will maintain open lines of communication with the Administration, parents, teachers, student body and the community via social media, correspondence and the Superintendent’s Blog. Notification of upcoming events, student activities and Board Meetings will be publicized with attendance by the community encouraged.

    Financial Management
    The Fort Stockton ISD will monitor and manage finances in order to sustain educational program priorities over the long term.  Monitoring will encompass yearly audits performed by outside auditing firm and the conduct of budget workshops for board members and staff. 

    The Fort Stockton ISD will promote a positive climate for student participation in extra-curricular activities, including but not limited to, sports, the arts and other competitive games resulting in increased student, parent and community support and attendance.

    Revised and Adopted by the Board December 12, 2022